Monday, January 11, 2010

nothing much

here's some of what i had saved in notepad files:

"I don’t compare my past bands or listen to anything I play on once it’s released. The key for me is to stay moving forward, raising the bar just slightly beyond what’s familiar. I hate nostalgia and everyone’s sentimental approach to music, as if we should all be part of this clear-cut lineage that’s forever sculpting culture. Bands usually put everything they got into their first releases to prove something, but their process invariably becomes corrupted—not by lack of creativity, but by the poisoning of public opinion: either by external pressure to recapture past glories or by catering to whatever standard of approval rules at the moment. Of course all this is natural. I see corruption and death as nothing but steps in a life cycle, a filtration process necessary to the turning over of new ideas.

One huge problem with art lies with the extent of artists who need to connect with an audience. What I’m talking about is a relationship with art. The success of this relationship seems to rely on a certain limitation of public interaction. It’s not absurd to regard art as a coded outcry to be loved properly; therefore when you start giving it away it invariably dilutes in an almost alchemical sense. This pervading sort of pathetic hopefulness—the idea of wowing people, is corrupt from the start. I find it disgustingly vain and needy. So to undercut all that it’s been my method of obsessively questioning the purity of an expression and accepting its expiration date so I’m only left with the inception of the idea when it’s most exciting. I realize that some of the truth behind this is that I can’t endure defeat gracefully, so I act fast and take what I can. Achievements mean little; any enjoyment I’m lucky enough to scrape up usually just gets buried in the process anyway." - Mark McCoy

"I don't know if the word 'gentrification' exists in English, but it's what happening now... it's a low and vicious process with good purposes on paper, but it destroys everything that makes a city creative and authentic." - Daitro


batman in hell:
fighting a bear in flames in a cave
falling into hell
running from a large car adams family like car
rock climbers with jelly fish stinging them
jumps from jelly fish to jelly fish, ends up above the water
a bunch of wierd things gathered around lots of bonfires on the beach
the bonfire people attack, four panel black flag thingy
running away from the crowd across the island and jumping into the water off a cliff on the other side of the island
after walking on water he jumps into the mouth of a leopard ball
standig in a very boring looking street, text above will say "Lewiston, ID"

My Yahoo! ID: theworldspeedproject
Password: ***********
My Yahoo! Mail address:
Alternate Email:
Birthday: September 2, 1964
Security Question: Who was your childhood hero?
My Answer: ******
Postal Code: 98105

chaykin list:
sword of sorcery (1-4 number 5 by walt simonson and jim starlin)
scorpion 1 & 2 (atlas comics)
dominic fortune (marvel preview 2 and marvel super action 1 or reprinted in marvel preview 20,the hulk 20-24 (formerly rampaging hulk)marvel premiere 56)
marvel spotlight 31 (nick fury story written by jim starlin
heavey metal (nov 77. nov 78. mar, apr, nov 79. may, jun, jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec 81. jan, feb, apr, may 82. jul 85)
cody starbuck (star reach)
marvel star wars 1-10 (1-6 in magazine format)
moorcock graphic novel
various heavy metal
james bond adaptation in marvel super special
empire with samuel r. zelany
stars my destination
ironwolf fires of the revolution
fafhrd and the gray mouser
black kiss
midnight men
batman and houdini
american century (1-9 collected in two trades)
mighty love
bite club
city of tomorrow
war is hell
squadron supreme

and here's a picture i made a while ago:

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