Thursday, November 18, 2010

Favorite Music of 2010 Part 1

This is a list of my favorite music for each month. I'm not sure if I'll talk about anything that came out in 2010, this is just what I was listening to. It'll be divided into "Favorite" and "Other Stuff". I feel like I have to do this. I really used music to get through this year in a different way than the past couple.

Favorite: In January I got into a lot of stuff that became my favorite in the months to come. My favorite was probably still This Heat from the year before, actually two years before. Early January was probably the last time I listened to "Deceit" and really focused on it. If I was forced to, I'd probably say that's my favorite album, even though I barely listen to them anymore. They just meant so much to me the first time I heard it, and it'll take a long time for that to wear off.

Other stuff: I remember listening to "Stigmata" by Skitsystem a lot at the beginning of the month, which was definitely one of my favorites of 2009. I remember writing in my journal about really being into Leadershit which I'm listening to right now and reminded me to write this. When I got on a Greyhound towards the end of the month to go out to Seattle I was listening to their album. I downloaded a bunch of old Italian hardcore that's still some of my favorite stuff right now, but I didn't get into that until a few month later. Also I got into Twelve Hour Turn at the end of January. The first time I listened to "It's Your Move" I had to stop what I was doing and close my eyes till it was over which hadn't happened in a really long time.

Favorite: Probably Twelve Hour Turn. For most of the month I listened to them a couple times a day. For about a week I listened to the last album and ep before I got out of my sleeping bag in the morning. And "It's Your Move" still gave me chills.

Other Stuff: I remember listening to "Through Silver In Blood" while laying on top of a dune in the middle of the desert which wasn't as fulfilling as I wanted. I finally got into the third Cursed album while out in the desert. I think the quote at the end of it stuck out to me more than the music though. I also got really into Cripple Bastards "Variante Alla Morte" album while walking around in the desert and riding on a bus. When I got to New Orleans and was staying with someone they asked me what music I was into and Cripple Bastards was all I could think of. Those stick out the most but I know I'm missing something. I was listening to a lot of music then.

Favorite- Daitro. Their side of the Sed Non Satiata split. I got really lost listening to that. I didn't like it too much when I first heard it, but then I was listening to it a few times a day. The last song was my favorite. I noticed myself always stop what I was doing and listen for when the vocals finally came in.

Other Stuff: I was listening to Yob's newest album alot too. The 20 minute last song i listened to at least 15 times. I listened to it a few times in a row one night when I couldn't sleep along with the Daitro song. I remember writing down something about only long songs keeping my attention. I wasn't listening to Twelve Hour Turn as much. I was in Jacksonville for a week, which is where they're from but didn't realize that until I was gone. I think at this point I was pretty through with everything that was on my mp3 player but didn't have a way to get anything new.

So that's it for part 1. I don't know when I'll finish this but I'll try to have up through September before New Year's and then finish up in 2011.

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