Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sybok - Gorelactic Possessed Martiangels

The heavily anticipated Ghosts of Mars-themed death metal masterpiece from Sybok is now available for download. Hag (keith) did the shreddin', tight production, and goregeous cover art. Dogboss (ryan) herded his horned flock of programmed drum brutality into each song and contributed some spooky vocals unheard since his crime doctor days. Rot (clay) was the Big Daddy Mars who conceptualized Gorelactic Possessed Martiangels and nearly pulverized it with his guttural aggression.

Trax include audio samples entirely from Ghosts of Mars and improvised lyrics, including one that S.O.A.D. actually wrote down (Is there anything more provocative than shouting "Angels deserve to die"?).

1.) The Angeldevouring Cadaverdactyl Takes Flight Over Mars
2.) Gorelactic Martiangel Possession
3.) Martian Carcasstrophe
4.) Fleshtents Colonize My Gorelaxy
5.) Blood for Big Daddy Mars
6.) Alien Huntress
7.) Guts Taste Good
8.) Gorelactic Martiangel Decapitation
9.) Ripped-Apart Angel Constellation
10.) Meat for the Angelphagist
11.) Desolation Williams(Lithopedion Christ)
12.) Gorelactic Martiangel Insurrection

If you haven't heard crappy high school death metal before, prepare to be laid out like that bar scene from Out for Justice, except twinklin' supernova because this has a space theme.

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