Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vipe/Christwrong Split!!!!!

Vipe/Christwrong Split (Vipe Demo/Christwrong 3: Panzer Division Christwrong):

Here it is, the first two tracks by Vipe and the last two by Christwrong. Vipe will be recording an EP and going on tour in March. We'll be giving away cdr's of this with the Christwrong discography tacked on the end tomorrow at the show. If you don't want to use mediafire I put it up on bandcamp as well. You can listen to and download it there. I'm gonna start doing that with all the future stuff and the old stuff too once I get around to it. I'll probably still keep doing the mediafire stuff too for awhile cause it's what I'm used to.

and here's the other two if you don't have them already:

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