Wednesday, April 6, 2011

VIPE Vids from Tacoma

We played at the Nem Esis House in Tacoma. It was a really last minute show but it worked out really well. I just found these videos of us on their youtube page. They're pretty dark but fun:

Our cover of Mai by Indigesti

And one of our own. It sounds kinda fucky at the end. Gnarly!

We might have some live recordings of different bands up in the next couple weeks. VIPE's recording is almost there. Tim Blood will start this Sunday. Also, I just found out we might be helping our friends Strychnine record this summer. Pretty excited for that.

And to anyone in Boise, Shreds O'Brien and I are gonna be there to see Lightning Bolt this Friday. Maybe see you there!

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  1. Those old guys cancelled but we ate hella tacos with downsided.