Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo Dump/Updates

First things first here's pix from the Cat Massacre recording. We used a streamlined but better version of the mic setup we used for Vipe. Or we just knew what we were doing more and it went faster.
Tim Blood came over for a while and helped setup the drum mics with his good attitude.
We recorded bass in a padded closet. I don't know if this helped but it was fun.
After 8-ish hours of on and off recording everybody cooled off in the street. Then we loaded the stuff over to the Craft House (RIP) and Cat Massacre played an intimate last minute set to a few friends.

That night the Downsided/Pig Noose kids drove into town. They started recording the next day. Here's some pix of that. The recording came out sounding really good. Look forward to a Downsided ep and split with Vipe and a Pig Noose split with Christwrong sometime this summer.
One of the speakers fell off inside the cab. Cool!
They brought a few of their own mics which was good cause our usual set up didn't sound as good for them as it did for us and Cat Massacre. Especially on guitar. The first night we drove up to Spokane for a gnarly cool show. The next day we finished up recording and played another show at the Craft House. The last show ever there. RIP. Ian's got some rad pix from that that'll probably be up here sometime soon.

The next weekend we drove down to Boise to play a show with Nazi Dust, Little Miss and the No Names, Cat Massacre and Pig Noose.
We got the Vipe vocals finished up that Friday, spent all Saturday editing all the music and artwork, then put all the cds together in the car on Sunday. In Grangeville we spent all our gas money on baja's at a gas station.
The show went really well.

If you haven't listened to split already you should:

(there's about 15 copies left. If you want one let me know. It might get done up as a tape eventually)


  1. The Boise show was loads of fun. I wish one of you guys was my dad.