Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh no, not again!

This blog has been really dead. That's cause music stuff has been going at an almost dead pace, at least compared to before. Also I haven't had the internet at home in over a year. Anyway, here's a release by a band that's too old.

"Spring Break in Hell" is three leftover songs from recording "The Fall of Tim Blood" and three songs from two compilations. The first two songs are from the "What We've Done is Secret" cassette compilation  of Idaho bands put out by Headbones. I'm pretty sure it's all sold out but it's free to download (  It's definitely worth checking out. There's a couple unreleased Christwrong tracks, a couple covers by Vipe, and stuff by Pig Noose, Cat Massacre, Little Miss and the No Names, 1D, etc. "South Dakota Pt. 2" and "Dead in the Summer" just didn't feel enough like Tim Blood songs to fit on "Fall of Tim Blood" and "Final Resolution" didn't get finished in time. It's the last song we've recorded. "Pet Sematary" is from Ramone To The Bone's "They're Alive"  internet compilation ( To be honest I haven't listened to the whole thing but their blog is definitely worth checking out if the name sounds like something you'd be into.

I meant to wait to post this till after I posted this Christwrong release that's been in the works forever but it's still not done. Anyway, I'm in Boise and have some other bands going now. I think things are looking up. Hopefully that Christwrong thing will get finished someday.

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