Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Favorite New-to-Me Music of 2012:
  1. Steve Roach - Mostly 'Structures From Silence' and 'The Magnificent Void'. As soon as I got internet at home again I got serious about getting into New Age and Ambient music. Steve Roach is my favorite so far. This is the most recent fave but it's on my mind the most.
  2. Disclose - I've known about them for years but really started listening to them all the time this year. Every release is great but I listened to 'Nightmare or Reality' the most.
  3. Enya - I found some Enya cassettes at a thrift store which reminded me that I liked New Age. When I was an early teen Enya was the only non secular music my dad would play on Sunday.
  4. Darkthrone - I didn't really get Darkthrone till this year. I don't know why I didn't try earlier.
  5. Death Metal - I continued listening to lots of Death Metal as usual. My favorites that I got into this year were Grave, Dismember and Bloodbath.
  6. Billy Bragg - This was my walking around music for the first half of the year. I only listened to 'Back to Basics'.
  7. King Diamond - Also from earlier in the year. I don't think I could have appreciated it any earlier in my life. I listened to 'Conspiracy' the most. 
I listened to way less Pop/Rock 'n Roll music than the year before. Also I feel like I didn't spend as much time listening to music as past years but that's probably cause I broke my mp3 player in a car door halfway through. 

Music Goals:
  • Record at least two Smuts releases
  • Record at least two solo releases
  • Practice guitar more
  • Listen to more Jazz and Classical music

Personal Goals:
  • Read as many novels as comics (read less comics!)
  • Write more (letters, journal, lyrics, etc.)
  • Start School
  • Be less negative
  • Take care of myself more.

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