Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just A Couple Updates

New stuff up on the Control Force Bandcamp page!!

Dishlich's demo and both Smuts releases. Just some aggressive rock music. Dislich played their first two shows with Smuts in Moscow and Spokane on Monday and Tuesday. They'll probably end up being Smuts last two shows. It was a fun time of reunions.

I'll let someone in Dislich write about their demo. It's Ryan from most Control Force bands, Sol from Cougar LS, Crue from Swellbows and Joe and Mellisa who have been living at the CTRLFORCE HQ for a couple years now. You probably know all these people if you're reading this. Sick grinding rock.

The Smuts Demo has been on a Smuts Bandcamp since January but I finally put it on the Control Force page. The newest Smuts EP was recorded for our mini tour which ended up only being in Olympia, Moscow and Spokane. It's five new songs that were originally gonna be part of an 18 song full length. I'm glad we decided to record the songs we'd learned as a tour ep cause it'll never happen now. There's one unfinished outtake from recording that's just missing vocals. It might get put up someday. Who knows what will happen to the rest of the songs that were written. Also the best thing about it is the Master of Disguise cover art by Cle.

There might be some old releases put on the Bandcamp page in the next couple days and some new recordings of old songs that never got finished are in the works.

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