Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Het Dummy,

Dislich was being put on CVLT NATION becuz why not? They are smart for and are doing a The Misfits cover album. Album: Earth A.D.

We are Doing "Hell Hound" from that et al.

We are also doing another song for that, idiot. That one you can't know for yet. It the bon(er)us. Don't be stupid. You hear it.

Cvlt Nation also write one thing about us: http://www.cvltnation.com/dislich-stone-guardian-review/ and we are to think thatis the coolest. Thanks friend ones!

You will check this out. I will repost for you later. its Gonna have that link you know. This is one update.

Dislich is fast and approaching a mess, maybe a van, we hit a dear in Pullman. The radiator broke. We have some new songs, and our "set 2" is almost done and stuff. This means a new album. Our albums are our sets. The new album will have...: more d-beat. You don't like d-beating? Fuck you. We like it more. Don't push me.

My future is in an oblong box.

SCUZ anagram?: SUCZ thus, SCUZ SUCZ.

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