Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally an update, and more of the same

Instead of another list, here's a very unprofessional update and three six item lists. I remember when no one but people I talked to regularly read this. And now no one does, haha.*

Ryan is in a new band called Nailbastard with Sol and Cole from Dislich, the singer from Behold, who I haven't met, and another guy I haven't met. I guess they recorded some songs at Spokane Falls Community College onto tape. I'm impressed! Maybe he'll post some pics. They've already played a couple shows.

Ian's in Olympia, and in some band called Vexx, and one called Dirty Joe. They've got recordings and play real shows and stuff. Who knows?

I'm (Keith is) in a new band called Mysterious Skin. The name absolutely comes from the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie. We've been halfassedly practicing since November, and really got our shit together in the last couple months. We played our first show last Thursday with some band that had members of the Blood Brothers, Aiden, and Trial. Hillarious! It's me, Jen, Tyler, and this guy Mikey. Playing with new people is strange. Ian started the band and then quit sometime this winter. We still use three songs he helped write. I think we'll have a demo by July fourth

Final Temporary Top Six Favorite Albums In Order:
1. Wire - Pink Flag
2. This Heat - Deceit
3. Totalitär - Vi Är Eliten
4. The Kinks - Arthur
5. Repulsion - Horrified
6. Insect Warfare - World Extermination

The First Six Favorite Authors I've Read At Least Two Books By Who I Can Remember Without Looking At My Bookshelf:
1. Samuel R. Delany
2. William Gibson
3. Thomas M. Disch
4. Ursula K. Leguin
5. Kazuo Ishiguro
6. Fritz Leiber

Six Favorite New-To-Me Movies Seen So Far This Year, With Some Commentary (Also, In No Order):
1. Frances Ha (I've watched this four times, that's very unusual for me. The first couple times I was close to tears by the end.)
2. Sonatine (I've watched this twice; it's just really easy to put on. It's pretty much everything I want when I'm in the mood to just watch something.)
3. If... (A couple people told me I should watch this years ago. I was a lot more impressed with it than I thought I would be.)
4. A Field In England (Saw this in the theater. WOW!!)
5. The Passion of Joan of Arc (Took me a couple tries to get through this. The soundtrack the third time definitely helped. When I finally "got" it, I was completely enthralled in a very different way from other movies. It was a new way of watching for me. It was kinda similar to binging on rated R movies after high school, but less stupid.)
6. Le Deuxieme Souffle (I've been slowly watching all of Melville's films. This is my favorite black and white one I've seen so far.)

* feel free to skim using the bolded words.

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