Monday, August 4, 2014

Tim Blood Stuff
Here's the final Tim Blood recording. Although I think I said that about the b-sides thing, this feels more final now that none of us are gonna be in Moscow. We gave away 27 burned cds with origami sleeves at the final show at Mikey's the other day. It was fun seeing everyone again, especially Kentaro who I hadn't seen in two years, and the show went better than I think any of us expected. It was cool playing with Nailbastard cause Ryan and I had been in every band together from 18 to 25, so it's cool seeing how he sounds with other people. I'm too sentimental.

We recorded it last week. I think it came out sounding really good. I feel more satisfied with it than any other release besides the "Summer of Our Discontent" album. Because we had to do it long distance we recorded to a metronome, which was strange. So I did the guitar on my practice amp in my room. Also, it was just Tim B., Ryan, and I, because of time constraints. But hardly any Tim Blood show or recording after the "Summer" album had the "original" lineup. I think I may be so satisfied with the recording because I didn't have to do anything except record the guitar. I think Tim's vocals sound better than any other recording except, again, maybe the "Summer" album.

Now I wanna start another "pop" band.

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