Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rock and Roll Will Never Die (We Hope)

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Are you prepared to rock? Here are six new original songs and a cover of a northwest classic. I think that these songs were recorded in the spring of 2010 and I think that we were pretty good friends when we did it. I didn't write any of the songs (music or words) and I didn't go to most practices and I barely ever learned the songs; my performance is remarkably half assed, but hopefully you can't even tell. We are all different people now. Ryan was much happier, Keith may or may not have been sadder (it is hard to tell and who really cares?), Ian was better looking, Bethany's hair was a different color, Tim A's butt plug hadn't lost its pony tail and my dad still lived in Idaho. I don't know what these songs are about and I don't know what we were thinking and I don't know if you'll like them or not. But here they are, finally. We are still pretty good friends and we definitely have more songs coming that I think are pretty good. Prolly better.

-Tim Blood

And don't forget to download the first Tim Blood album.

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