Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is what punk

The other nite I took the comments from this video and put them through Google Translator. The results were funny/inspiring/punk rock. Enjoy, please.

This is what punk ーーー youth! ! !

I remember youth. I mean who sings in Japanese, one of the few bands.

I know, I know who I'm making a song something like that would have a drink, c
ut the music as the spirit lives, and made a finding of stone adulterous act, even if there was some kind of intent, and there I decided to have a serious message.

And so on, as their fans, and even that you have shoulder rely on this heat do not help feeling it away in rock and roll.

The first Country Road after a balloon bomb Buruha

What is hot on the button, especially from people around 30

This singing, I'm sold out. Even though I have never sold out

I thought at the time. I love people that much

I was a lot of I remember youth

The band wanted to do such a teenager myself. Wasuretakunai the heat forever.

I want the boy's life remain

What I hot

I hate I hate. Of this kind of music begin to fade.

I noticed it to happen. I see

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