Monday, April 4, 2011

VIPE for real for real day 2

We finished bass and guitar yesterday. Everyone is very excited. This is the first recording in years where we've given ourself the time to take our time, but everything is still going quickly. I think all the rushed recording we've done this year have payed off. It's just gonna take longer to mixmaster than usual. It's nice to kinda know what you're doing.

Here's a pic of the guitar setup:
We put the wide EV mic on bottom and the Nady on top. We also tried putting the other EV farther back but it didn't sound good . We didn't end up using the room mic for bass either. I don't think we know how to place them and our living room is really still sounding so it just sounds shitty and indistinct and muddies up the sound.

We did two tracks of guitar for each song panned left and right. I used to think that was cheating but then i realized recording is cheating and that's the best way to sound good.

Also, it took me years but here's the key to killer distortion, at least on the Sunn Concert Lead:
So now it's just vocals and then getting everything to sound right. It looks like this will be out in May sometime maybe on tape, but I'll put up a track when it all comes together.

Next up is Tim Blood which this recording is kind of a trial run for. Expect new recordings every month till the end of summer. My plan is to stop writing new songs and have every song that we've written recorded by my birthday in August.

Also, really looking forward to recording Cat Massacre, Downsided and maybe more in the coming month. If anyone else wants help recording get in touch and maybe we could do it.

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