Sunday, April 3, 2011

VIPE recording for real

So we tried twice to record VIPE before the tour but it just didn't come together. I think it all worked out cause we got a lot tighter playing them so much live, but I don't think we would have learned them well enough if we hadn't tried to record. Also, now we get to release it as a split instead.

So now we're finally on day two of of the real recording. We got all the drums done yesterday. Hopefully we'll get guitar, bass and maybe vocals too finished today. I go back and forth on multi tracking. Everything we've done besides the second Christwrong (and Sybok) have had all live instruments. I like to record everything we do differently so this will probably be our most clear recording yet, or at least our most mic'd recording yet.

Check out these clamped on tom mics:
We had one overhead in the back (EV wide angle mic), a bass drum mic pretty far in (shitty Nady bass drum mic), snare mic on bottom (cheap-o Nady, I think it's the starpower!), one mic for the mid toms (our other identical EV), and one for the floor tom (other Nady).

Here's the bass setup:
I'm not sure how much of this we'll use but I've got the Nady bass drum mic on the bottom, the other Nady on top, the EV a few feet back, and a chord running out of the preamp.

It's all 1's and 0's.

So I'll take some more pictures and write a bit more tomorrow. Leave a comment if you've got any questions.

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