Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pet Cemetary Cover Recording!

Here are some pictures of recording our version of the famous Ramones with their song "Pet Cemetery." Done originally for the hit film "Pet Semetary" written by Stephen King, the song has a message that our group really much agrees with.

As for the recording, we used much vigor, setting up blankets, mics, and equipment to get the truest sounds imaginable. The drums used an SM57 & an AT4050 on the snare, SM57s on each tom, a D6 on the BD, EV N/D 357a dynamic super cardioid pattern girl's mics on overheads, and a Shure Beta 87a on hi hats.

The guitars used various fuzz and overdrive pedals on various parts of the song. And we used a 57 and AT4050 on the Peavey badass cabs. Keith played a fake telecaster. Tim played a mexican's strat. Ken played a mexican's p bass.

On bass guitar amp of fender rumble 100 with 15" speaker we used a DI box, a D6 kick mic, and a 57.

We will use the AT4050 for all vocals. We use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface for AD/DA conversion.

All in all we have obtained a fast wall of sound sound with many superfluous tracks and big ideas. We are adding Yamaha synthesizer soon on chroruses. Check out: for the Ramones compilation our Pet Cemetery will be on at the end of the month. Punkliv.

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