Thursday, April 19, 2012

(E)The Future of Crust(A)

Herb here, controlforce crue, aka young ian, aka dj house dj. Posting from deep in the North end of Boise, Idaho. Klick the image above to understand the future of crust.

The new EP is finally coming to a close and I am quite pleased with it. Hag and Dogboss aka young keith, aka young ryan, aka mc ramones fan, aka dj ipod shuffle are finishing up the tail end of editing and recording. It should be 5 songs of punishment pop/pop blist, I hope.

I didn't really have anything in mind when writing this EP other than intense heart ache and then intense heart warmth. At any measure, it was all from the heart y'all. If you make fun of me for it I'll egg your house, cool? Cool.

Anyway we're rounding the bend on this release so keep an eye out for it, it'll be out online for free, then released on tape. We are also getting featured on a killer ramones compilation out of Russia which we are really stoked on, hopefully we'll get a few copies or get to make a few copies.

We are doing Pet Cemetary and even though I won't be recording the bass, our kill em all kick ass Band Manager and favorite fill in bassist Ken Band aka Kentaro Murai, aka thief in the knife laid it down. The cover art is sick rad
Anyway, I've meandered enough, peace out.

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