Thursday, May 24, 2012

more recording and shows

we're a couple tracks away from a tim blood ep that's been in the works forever. then we might start working on another ep or the next album but that's still a way off.

tim blood is playing this inlander fest thing in spokane on the 1st which sounds like fun:
also we got an article written about us for it: pretty weird stuff.

tim blood, christwrong and vipe all gave two songs each to an idaho bands comp that should be coming out soon. i don't have many details but our songs all turned out pretty well.

last weekend our good friend matt from came over and recorded a few tracks. can't wait to hear the finished product! also check out his music at the sun mantra link on the side.

and on the dl, ryan and i are setting up to record a secret project (as i type this) that we've been working on since the winter. spooky.

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