Friday, April 1, 2011


In a desperate attempt to attract traffic to the blog, I have created a post about depression. Depression is a side effect of being conscious. People get depressed because they expect something positive, interesting, fulfilling, concrete, absolute, or reasonable from existing. That or they have a chemical imbalance in their brain. Depression isn't that funny, but the American Institute of Mental Health says that 85% stand up comedians surveyed believe is essential to comedy.
They've only been able to prove this fact though through written surveys, because if one asked a stand up comedian in a social setting they wouldn't tell you the truth because they're too depressed. Musicians seem to like it a lot. Depression affects 19 million Americans, 10-25% of the american female population is depressed, 5-10 % of the american male population is depressed. This infers that women are greedy about depression and want it all for themselves.
Generally every other movie you'll see about Ireland is about a lot of people who are depressed. Usually every other book you'll read is about someone who is depressed. If you're talking to someone about something and they're not taking you seriously, it is acceptable to state that you're depressed to get through to them.


  1. Herb, are the labels for this blog just the most popular words that people type into Google?